GHL Services

e-Health Solutions

GHL facilitates the implementation of eHealth solutions by being the contact point for the vendor and the First Nation health centres. Arranging for the necessary IT architecture and configuration, and verifying the technological readiness for the EMR system, GHL frees health centre staff to focus on optimizing their delivery of health care to their clients.


GHL attends and supports staff during the initial software training provided by the vendor, and then provides additional support, in person, by email or phone on an ongoing basis. GHL assists First Nation health centre staff adapt the software to their specific needs and provides suggestions on how to optimize its use.


GHL provides health centres with customizable templates that ensure the centres and their EMR users are compliant with the Personal Health Information Protection Act, 2004.

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"This will improve the referral system and allow for monitoring what referral is made, completed and how it is benefiting the client. We live in a technological world; let us embrace our new EMR system as we move forward to a client centred care where patients come first. "

Atikameksheng Anishnawbek Director of Health & Wellness Director, Carmen Wabegijig Nootchtai